Club Outings to the Archery Courses of our Region

You’re planning a club outing with the archers from your club? Then off to the 3D-Bogenregion!

For many years, the archery courses of our region have been used by clubs and other groups of archers to take a trip together and spend one or more nice days.

Many also organize a small competition or even a club championship on our archery courses. This is also a good idea, because the courses are mostly unknown to the participants or are changed so often that they are never “the same” targets or distances.

Afterwards you can talk shop for a cozy get-together and have dinner together.

Clubs and groups who have been with us for a trip or have run a championship on one of the courses are:

If a multi-day stay in the region is planned, besides visiting other archery courses in the region, we recommend a beer, wine or whiskey tasting or even a city tour in Miltenberg, Wertheim or Aschaffenburg.

We are happy to help you find ideas and contacts for a successful club outing!
Simply contact us by phone or e-mail if you are interested.