Bärleinsparcours 3D Archery Course

The Bärleinsparcours 3D Archery Course was opened by Jürgen Freudenberger in 2010 and can really be seen after many years of continuous development. This great forest and meadow archery course has everything the heart of a traditional archer desires. The well maintained 3D course is located at the Quelläckern of Steinbach in Lower Franconia. Far from the hustle and bustle, every shooter finds his own inner peace and serenity.

Terrain and Targets

Due to the very well-developed terrain, which is also well-accessible for people with physical disabilities, the 16 targets in the forest and the 17 targets on the lawn with a total of over 110 3D animal targets can easily be shot at by anyone. The shooting distances are between ten and 50 meters.

Equipment and Prices

In addition, the Bärleinsparcours 3D Archery Course has a generous shooting range with shooting distances up to 40 meters. As a guest you get everything from Velociraptor to bison to very stylishly posed groups of animals such as deer and black vulture, all of which you would expect from a successful course visit.

​Bow Rental and Events

However, the offer is not limited to the possibility of daily shooting: After contacting anyone interested can get bow equipment for rent; Jürgen Freudenberger also offers the corresponding introductory course at a reasonable price. Especially for group outings, but also company events, birthdays in the open air (and not only for children) or events of all kinds, the course with clean and well-maintained resting place is ideal. Whether beginner, advanced or even professional: Here everyone gets their money’s worth.
More information on the rental, event and course offerings can be found on the website of the course.

A small paradise surrounded by nature, well maintained and absolutely worth seeing – that’s the best way to describe the Bärleinsparcours 3D Archery Course. It impresses with many aspects that make the experienced archers heart beat faster.

Bärleinsparcours 3D Archery Course

33 Stations

110 3D Targets

2-3 Hours


Ticket Prices
Adults (from 16 years) 12,00 EUR
Youths (8-16 years) 5,00 EUR
Ten-ticket Adults 100,00 EUR
Ten-ticket Youths 50,00 EUR
Annual ticket Adults 250,00 EUR
Annual ticket Youths 150,00 EUR
Combined day ticket Bärleinsparcours 3D Archery Course and 3D Archery Range Helmstadt
for Adults
15,00 EUR
Combined day ticket Bärleinsparcours 3D Archery Course and 3D Archery Range Helmstadt
for Youths
9,00 EUR

The Bärleinsparcours is open all year round from 10:00 to 19:00.

Please inform yourself before your visit for safety again on the website of the operator, if the course is really open at the desired time.

The course is located 3 kilometers from 97237Altertheim/Steinbach. It is located at the isolated farmhouses at the Quelläcker. Signage to the Quelläckern from Steinbach. The last 500 meters must be covered by a gravel road.

Detailed directions can be found on the website of the Bärleinsparcours 3D Archery Course.

Actually bow rental is not offered on site. But there is the possibility to rent bows in the office in Leo-Drenkard-Str. 2, 97264 Helmstadt after prior arrangement. Here, the bows must also be submitted again.

For more information and other providers please visit the page »Bow Rental«.

The course has 33 stations with about 110 3D animals.

For a round on the course about 2-3 hours must be planned.

The area is characterized in the first part of a spruce forest and in the second part of an open meadow area.

Compound bows are not allowed!
There are also only bows up to 55 lbs. allowed.

No arrows with broadheads or blunts may be shot!

Dogs may be brought along the course if they are kept on a leash.

Soft drinks and a small selection of sweets can be purchased inexpensively.

A simple dry toilet is available.

​Bogenschießen Bärleinsparcours
Jürgen Freudenberger
Leo-Drenkard-Str. 2
97264 Helmstadt

+49 9369 2620




Accommodations & Overnights


In case of a long journey or if you want to spend a bow holiday in our region, do you need an accommodation? A selection of accommodation and lodging near the Bärleinsparcours 3D Archery Course can be found below.

AKZENT Hotel Gasthof Krone in Helmstadt

Hotel Gasthof Krone

Location: 972624 Helmstadt

Archery Courses nearby:
​Wolfsschlucht (5.7 km)
Bärleinsparcours (​9.5 km)

Phone: +49 9369 90640
E-Mail: info@gasthof-krone.de

Gasthaus Hotel Drei Lilien in Werbach

Inn & Hotel Drei Lilien

Location: ​97956 Werbach

Archery Courses nearby:
Bärleinsparcours (10.2 km)
Wolfsschlucht (11.5 km)

Phone: +49 9341 7586
E-Mail: info@drei-lilien.de

Tinyhouse Village Wertheim

Tiny House Village

Location: 97877 Wertheim

Archery Courses nearby:
Wolfsschlucht (17.9 km)
Bärleinsparcours (26.8 km)

Phone: +49 176 23664418
E-Mail: info@waz-wertheim.de

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