Kummersklinge 3D Archery Course

The Kummersklinge 3D Archery Course is the newest course in the region and is located in the middle of the Odenwald. It is operated by the Bogensportverein Kummersklinge e.V. and was opened in December 2018.

The course leads along a beautiful low mountain stream through mixed and coniferous forests and has 32 stations. The partially existing, fragmented rock formations on the course are unique in the region and make the course very appealing. Especially on the descent to the second half of the course the area reminds a bit of Tyrol.

The course of the circuit is quite demanding and solid footwear is an absolute must.

Registration and Course Use

Registration for the course takes place directly at the registration desk at the hut. There are enough registration forms, which must be thrown into a slot together with the course fee after completion. The registration is based on trust. In addition, each shooter must register in the shooting book and confirm leaving after finishing the course.

If you would like to shoot at the Kummersklinge 3D Archery Course, you must have your own archery equipment or at least bring one with you, as there is no bow rental on site. However, there are several archery shops in our region who offer bow rental.

Prices and Opening Hours

The course is open all year round. The daily opening hours are staggered monthly and are based on sunrise and sunset. Details see below.

The charge is a daily fee, i. you can go as many rounds as you like during the day. Adults (from 18 years) with compound bows pay 15,00 EUR, other adults pay 12,00 EUR, youths (up to 17 years) only 5,00 EUR and children under 12 years are free when accompanied by a paying adult. More information about prices can be found on the website of the course.

Location map, directions and parking

To find the course as easy as possible, just enter Kummerssteige, 74731 Gerolzahn/Walldürn in your navigation sytem or search in Google Maps for Bogenparcours Kummersklinge. Parking is sufficiently available.

Bogenparcours Kummersklinge

32 Stations

110 3D Targets

2-3 Hours


Ticket Prices
Adults (from 18 years) 12,00 EUR
Adults with compound bows (from 18 years) 15,00 EUR
Youths (12-17 years) 5,00 EUR
Children (younger than 12 years)
accompanied by a paying adult

It is a daily fee, which means you can run as many course rounds as you like.

The registration and payment takes place on-site at the registration desk.

The opening times are set monthly after the sunrise and sunset.

Month Opening hours
January 9:00 – 16:00
February 8:30 – 16:30
March 8:00 – 17:30
April 8:00 – 19:00
May 8:00 – 20:00
June 8:00 – 20:00
July 8:00 – 20:00
August 8:00 – 19:30
September 8:00 – 18:30
October 8:30 – 17:30
November 9:00 – 16:00
December 9:00 – 16:00

Please inform yourself before your visit for safety again on the website of the operator, if the course is really open at the desired time.

Kummersklinge 3D Archery Course is located between Rippberg and Walldürn in the immediate vicinity of the B47. Turn off the B47 towards Gerolzahn and after 100m turn right again.

Address for navigation devices:
Kummerssteigeg, 74731 Gerolzahn/Walldürn

49°37’19.5″ N, 9°18’32.2″ E or 49.621816 N , 9.308356 E

Actually bow rental is not offered on site. However, there are some archery shops in our region, where you can rent archery euipment for one day or even for a long time after prior arrangement.

For more information please visit the page »Bow Rental«.

The course has 35 stations with about 110 3D animals.

For a 3.5 to 4 km long round on the course about 2 to 3 hours must be planned.

The terrain is located in a mixed and coniferous forest and the route is sometimes very demanding.

On the course no broadheads are allowed.

Compound bows are allowed up to 60 lb. maximum draw weight and there are no arrow speed limit.

Dogs may be brought along the course if they are kept on a leash.

Not available directly at the course.

Just 1 km away on foot or 1.6 km away by car you can find Landgasthof Linde.

There is no toilet on site. However, the toilet can be used in the nearby Landgasthof Linde.

​Bogensportverein Kummersklinge
1. Vorstand Martin Selonke
Am Felsenkeller 31
63897 Breitendiel

+49 151 41936617




Accommodations & Overnights


In case of a long journey or if you want to spend a bow holiday in our region, do you need an accommodation? A selection of accommodation and lodging near the Kummerklinge 3D Archery Course can be found below.

Flari Hotel Hopfengarten Miltenberg

​​​Flair Hotel Hopfengarten

Location: ​63897 ​Miltenberg

Archery Courses nearby:
Collenberg (13.3 km)
​Kummersklinge (​1​4.9 km)

Phone: +49 9371 97370
E-Mail: info@flairhotel-hopfengarten.de

Ferienwohnung Lindenblatt in Gerolzahn

Apartment Lindenblatt

Location: ​74731 Walldürn-Gerolzahn

Archery Courses nearby:
Kummersklinge (1.6 km)
Collenberg (27.2 km)

Phone: +49 6286 772
E-Mail: info@linde-landgasthof.de

Landgasthof Linkenmühle in Rippberg

Country Inn Linkenmühle

Location: ​74731 Walldürn-Rippberg

Archery Courses nearby:
Kummersklinge (3.2 km)
Collenberg (30.4 km)

Phone: +49 6286 283
E-Mail: Gasthof-Linkenmuehle@t-online.de

Camper Site

​Camper Site ​Miltenberg 1

Kresswiesenweg​, ​63897 ​Miltenberg

Archery Courses nearby:
Collenberg (12.9 km)
Eschau (19.1 km)

Miltenberg, Bürgstadt, Kleinheubach
Phone: +49 9371 404119
E-Mail: tourismus@miltenberg.info

Camper Site

​Camper Site ​Miltenberg 2

Corner Luitpoldstraße/Jahnstraße, ​63897 ​Miltenberg

Archery Courses nearby:
Collenberg (13.2 km)
Eschau (18.9 km)

Miltenberg, Bürgstadt, Kleinheubach
Phone: +49 9371 404119
E-Mail: tourismus@miltenberg.info


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