Collenberg 3D Archery Course

The 3D Archery Course of Collenberg was opened in 2007 and enjoys great popularity with archers from the region, all over Germany and even from other European countries.

It is operated by the archery department of KKSV Fechenbach e.V., the local shooting club in Collenberg, and is located on a site directly at the shooting clubhouse in Collenbergs district Fechenbach.

The course terrain and the landscape

The course is laid out along 4,5 km long circuit in the beautiful nature along the Fechenbach and the two slopes of the Fechenbach valley. The course area covers an area of 25 hectares. The route leads you from the clubhouse starting at the stream along, then across the orchard meadows, past blackberry hedges and through small groves and finally over the wooded western slope of Fechenberg back to the clubhouse. The very varied terrain and the naturalness of the area make the tour on the Bogenparcours Collenberg a great experience for the whole family.

The Facilities of the Course

At the 33 stations, the Collenberg archery course with its more than 120 3D animals offers numerous interesting and challenging shots. Up- and donwhill shots, shots through a small shooting window, shots at “flying” targets or from a shooting stand are just a few of the special features that await you in Collenberg. During planning and implementation of each station, the operators attach great importance to the fact that there are natural and realistic 3D animal groups of at least two to three animals and not just one individual 3D animal.

In addition, the operators change the course regularly in four to eight-week intervals. So you can look forward to any innovation on (almost) every visit to Collenberg. Especially those frequent changes and the lush equipment of the stations with 3D animal groups makes this 3D course so special and so popular with many archers.

Both beginners, advanced and “professionals” get their money’s worth on the course. Each station is equipped not only with three different launching sticks (red for visors, blue for instinctive shooters, white for children), but in addition to some tricky shots always has a very “feasible” shot for everyone. Because most of the targets are very arrow-friendly, the search for arrows or the broken arrow is usually very limited even for beginners.

Your equipment

If you want to visit and shoot at the Collenberg 3D Archery Course, you need to have your own archery equipment or at least bring one with you, as there is no bow rental on site. However, bow rental is offered at a local archery shop.

On the course all kinds of bows are allowed, that means in addition to traditional bows and technical recurve bows also compound bows. There is no general draft limit, but compound bows are only allowed up to a 60 lb draw weight. There is no limit to the arrow speed.

To ensure that the archery course remains “safe” to walk in all weather conditions and all seasons, critical areas or paths along slopes have been fitted with steps or wooden beams. Sturdy footwear, such as hiking boots, is strongly recommended.

In addition, it is recommended – especially in the summer months – to always take something to drink with you. An on-site catering at the local clubhouse does not exist or only on Sunday mornings.

Registration for course use

The registration and payment is made on site by each shooter independently and based on trust at the existing registration box. The box is located directly at the clubhouse next to the front door and contains various information brochures of all kinds, as well as enough registration forms and the shooting book. The operators trust in the registration for the honesty of each visitor. However, regular controls are also carried out to ensure that trust is not abused. The registration process is as follows: Each guest completes a registration form and puts this together with the fee in cash into an existing envelope. The envelope is then inserted into the letter slot in the registration box. Afterwards, the shooter enters the shooting book (and at the end of the round again). Now you can start shooting.

​What else to expect?

First of all, you can warm-up at the existing and generously sized shooting range at the clubhouse after your arrival and before your walk on the course. There are multiple targets at distances of 10-40 meters and numerous 3D targets ready for you.
Then it goes into the course. The start is directly at the Schützenhaus along the stream. Station 1 is located about 100 meters behind the clubhouse. The circular route through the archery course is marked with red arrows and on the back of the terms of use you will find a map for a rough orientation.

It takes two to five hours to complete a lap on the archery course. It all depends on how fast you walk, how many people you’re on the road and how fast you shoot. A good condition is an advantage, because you have to overcome twice about 50-80m difference in height during the course over several stations.

To pause and linger in nature, the numerous seats available on the course invite. At three points on the archery course (at station 7, station 13 and after station 16), there is even a seating area with a table and benches integrated so that you can eat your brought-in meal there. You can also go back to station 16 on the land consolidation route back to the clubhouse and eat there or take a break.

Prices and Opening Hours

The course fee is a daily fee, what means that you are allowed to do as many rounds on the course as you want during the day. The fee always includes the use of the shooting range, where you can then improve your shooting technique after the course or in the break or you can train shooting on different distances.

Adults (over 18 years) pay 15, – EUR per day, adults with compound bows (over 18 years) pay 20,- EUR per day, children and youths (12 to 17 years) pay 5, – EUR and children under 12 accompanied by a paying adult are free of charge. There is also a 20 day pass available.

The opening hours of the 3D course are based on the sunrise and sunset and must be strictly adhered to for safety reasons. The exact opening times can be found in the table below. Throughout the year the course can be used between 9:00 and 16:00 o’clock, in the summer accordingly longer.

Location map, directions and parking

So that you can easily find the Collenberg archery course, please enter the following address into the navigation device:
Neumühle 2, 97903 Collenberg

If you navigate with GoogleMaps, then you can easily search for Bogenparcours Collenberg.
The operator also provides a detailed illustrated directions for the “last” meters on his website.

Parking areas are available at the clubhouse and about 150m behind it.

Bogenpacours Collenberg

33 Stations

120 3D Targets

2.5-5 Hours


Ticket Prices
Adults (from 18 years) 15,00 EUR
Adults with compound bows (from 18 years) 20,00 EUR
Youths (12-17 years) 5,00 EUR
Children (younger than 12 years)
accompanied by a paying adult
(maximum two children per adult)

It is a daily fee, which means you can run as many course laps as you like.

Payment is made on-site at the registration box in cash and on trust.

The opening hours are based on the sunrise and sunset and are set on a monthly basis.

Month Opening hours
January 9:00 – 16:00
February 8:30 – 16:30
March 8:00 – 17:30
April 8:00 – 19:00
May 8:00 – 20:00
June 8:00 – 20:00
July 8:00 – 20:00
August 8:00 – 19:30
September 8:00 – 18:30
October 8:30 – 17:30
November 9:00 – 16:00
December 9:00 – 16:00

Please inform yourself before your visit for safety again on the website of the operator, if the course is really open at the desired time.

The Bogenparcours Collenberg is located on the outskirts of Fechenbach am Schützenhaus.

Coming from the main road turn into the Neustadtstraße, after approx. 150 m turn half right into the Grundweg and follow this straight ahead to the Schützenhaus.

Address for navigation devices:
Neumühle 2, 97903 Collenberg or search GoogleMaps for Bogenparcours Collenberg.

Detailed illustrated directions for the “last” meters are available on the website of Collenberg 3D Archery Course.

Parking is available on site sufficiently.

Actually bow rental is not offered on site. However, there is an archery shop in Collenberg, where you can rent archery euipment for one day or even for a long time after prior arrangement.

For more information please visit the page »Bow Rental«.

The course has 33 stations with about 120 3D animal targets.

For a round on the archery course about 2.5 to 5 hours must be scheduled. The circuit has a length of 4.5 km.

The terrain is characterized by meadows, woods, streams and is quite hilly. A good condition is therefore advantageous.

There are twice to overcome in the course course about 80 meters across several stations.

No stabs and blunts are allowed on the course.

Compound bows are up to 60 lb. draw weight allowed! There is no arrow speed limit.

Dogs may be brought along the course if they are kept on a leash.

Various restaurants in the village. The club house (Schützenhaus) is only open on Sunday mornings and there are only drinks available.

A spacious toilet is available and always accessible during opening hours.

​Kleinkaliberschützenverein Fechenbach e.V.
1. Vorsitzender Klaus Jaschke
Hainbuchstraße 62
97903 Collenberg




Accommodations & Overnights


In case of a long journey or if you want to spend a bow holiday in our region, do you need an accommodation? A selection of accommodation and lodging near the Collenberg 3D Archery Course can be found below.

Flari Hotel Hopfengarten Miltenberg

​​​Flair Hotel Hopfengarten

Location: ​63897 ​Miltenberg

Archery Courses nearby:
Collenberg (13.3 km)
​Kummersklinge (​1​4.9 km)

Phone: +49 9371 97370

Landgasthof Waldeck

Country Inn Waldeck

Location: 97909 Stadtprozelten

Archery Courses nearby:
Stadtprozelten (5.0 km)
Collenberg (10.2 km)

Phone: +49 9392 8821

Gasthaus Hotel Goldenes Fass in Freudenberg

Inn & Hotel Goldenes Fass

Location: ​97896 Freudenberg

Archery Courses nearby:
Collenberg (6.1 km)
Eschau (19.2 km)

Phone: +49 9375 9299970

Apartment Dürr in Dorfprozelten

Apartment Dürr

Location: ​97904 ​Dorfprozelten

Archery Courses nearby:
Collenberg (4.2 km)
Eschau (18.2 km)

Phone: +49 9392 9347852
​Mobile: +49 171 7841202

Pension Haus Erika in Stadtprozelten

Gueshouse Erika

Location: ​97909 ​Stadtprozelten

Archery Courses nearby:
Collenberg (7.3 km)
Eschau (21.1 km)

Phone: +49 9392 6363

Inn Goldener Stern in Dorfprozelten

Inn Goldener Stern

Location: ​97904 ​Dorfprozelten

Archery Courses nearby:
Collenberg (4.2 km)
Eschau (18.2 km)

​Phone: +49 9392 7295

Zur goldenen Krone

Inn Zur goldenen Krone

Location: ​97904 Dorfprozelten

Archery Courses nearby:
Stadtprozelten (3.5 km)
Collenberg (4.0 km)

Phone: +49 9392 7528

Hotel Weinhaus Stern

Hotel Weinhaus Stern

Location: ​63927 Bürgstadt

Archery Courses nearby:
Collenberg (11.9 km)
Kummersklinge (20.7 km)

Phone +49 9371 40350

Campsite Camping-Maintal in Collenberg

Campsite Camping-Maintal

Location: ​97903 Collenberg

Archery Courses nearby:
Collenberg (0.9 km)
Eschau (15.0 km)

Phone: +49 9376 1270

Ferienwohnung Lindenblatt in Gerolzahn

Apartment Lindenblatt

Location: ​74731 Walldürn-Gerolzahn

Archery Courses nearby:
Kummersklinge (1.6 km)
Collenberg (27.2 km)

Phone: +49 6286 772

Landgasthof Linkenmühle in Rippberg

Country Inn Linkenmühle

Location: ​74731 Walldürn-Rippberg

Archery Courses nearby:
Kummersklinge (3.2 km)
Collenberg (30.4 km)

Phone: +49 6286 283

Camper Site

Camper Site ​Collenberg

Mainstraße 8, 97903 Collenberg

Archery Courses nearby:
Collenberg (1.9 km)
Eschau (15.0 km)

​​​Muncipal Administration of Collenberg
Phone: +49 9376 97100

Camper Site

​Camper Site Freudenberg

Hauptstraße 16-30, 97896 Freudenberg

Archery Courses nearby:
Collenberg (6.4 km)
Eschau (19.5 km)

​​​Muncipal Administration of Freudenberg
Phone: +49 9375 920090

Camper Site

​Camper Site ​Dorfprozelten

Main​gasse, ​97904 Dorfprozelten​

Archery Courses nearby:
Collenberg (4.5 km)
Eschau (18.4 km)

​​​​​​Muncipal Administration of ​Dorfprozelten
Phone: +49 9392 97620

Camper Site

​Camper Site ​Miltenberg 1

Kresswiesenweg​, ​63897 ​Miltenberg

Archery Courses nearby:
Collenberg (12.9 km)
Eschau (19.1 km)

Miltenberg, Bürgstadt, Kleinheubach
Phone: +49 9371 404119

Camper Site

Camper Site ​Kreuzwertheim

Fahrgasse​, 97892 ​Kreuzwertheim

Archery Courses nearby:
Wolfsschlucht (12.7 km)
Collenberg (19.9 km)

​Markt Kreuzwertheim
Phone: +49 9342 92620

Camper Site

​Camper Site ​Miltenberg 2

Corner Luitpoldstraße/Jahnstraße, ​63897 ​Miltenberg

Archery Courses nearby:
Collenberg (13.2 km)
Eschau (18.9 km)

Miltenberg, Bürgstadt, Kleinheubach
Phone: +49 9371 404119

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