More about the project „3D-Bogenregion“

Who is behind this Germany-wide unique project? What are the goals and how did the idea come about?

The idea of bundling all the archery activities in the region and, in particular, the cooperation between the archery courses of the region came up many years ago. Given the fact that many archers from Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and other neighboring countries are always traveling to our southern neighbors in Austria, the question was whether our area could be just as attractive or even more attractive for bow holidays. Unfortunately until very recently there were only very few 3D archery courses in the region Mainfranken/Spessart/Odenwald, so that a holiday area for archery tourism would simply have been too big.

Fortunately, the number of courses here in the region increased in recent years more and more and so Daniel Goll brought the idea in late 2017/early 2018 back on the table. After numerous conversations with regional archers and course operators it was clear:

We want to make our region Mainfranken/Spessart/Odenwald the number one holiday region for archers from all over Germany.

Thus, we not only achieve a strengthening of 3D archery and archery in the region, but also open up a completely new target group for tourism in the region – the bow holidaymakers. The entire area will benefit from their arrival and stay, first and foremost, of course, the hotels, holiday apartments and guest houses, as well as restaurants and other leisure facilities in the region.

Logo of 3d archery region 3D-Bogenregion Mainfranken/Spessart/Odenwald

Start in April 2018

As said before, in April 2018 Daniel Goll launched the project »3D-Bogenregion Mainfranken/Spessart/Odenwald«. The core of the project is the website, as well as the social media profiles on Facebook and Instagram. In addition, the most sensitive archery courses (now nine) work together, regardless of the motto “Together we are stronger”.

In the future, cooperation will be steadily intensified and extended to various areas – let yourself be surprised!

A platform for the whole region

Not only the local archery courses should find their place on, but also providers of accommodation, archery shops and all those who have something else to offer the enthusiastic archers. Our guests should find all the information on this platform in order to plan and carry out their bow holiday with us better.

Daniel Goll with his Mohawk Chief Hybrid at the Bärleinsparcours

Daniel Goll discovered archery at the age of 13 and has been an avid archer since the year 2000. In the meanwhile nearly 20 years he has supported in his club, the KKSV Fechenbach eV, numerous tournaments in organization, planning and execution, influenced the development of the bow department of the club decisively and is already responsible for the online appearance (Website and social media) of the Collenberg 3D Archery Course since it’s opening.

Although he started with recurve archery (olympic recurve), he quickly became enthusiastic about instinctive archery with traditional bows. Today he shoots both hybrid and recurve bows on targets as well as at 3D courses.

But what would the region be without its courses?

In any case no Archery Region …! Therefore, we would also like to present the faces behind the archery courses of the 3D-Bogenregion! The named persons are representative of all those who invest their free time in the respective club and sacrifice themselves for our wonderful hobby.

Andreas Michel
Andreas MichelRieneck 3D Archery Course
Andreas is the managing director of EP-Extratouren and the initiator of the Rieneck 3D Archery Course.
Bruno Jakob
Bruno JakobEschau 3D Archery Course
He is head of the bow department of the SV “Elsava” Eschau and contact person for the Eschau 3D Archery Course.
Klaus Jaschke
Klaus JaschkeCollenberg 3D Archery Course
He is the chairman of the KKSV Fechenbach e.V., the operator of the Collenberg 3D Archery Course.
Gössl family
Gössl familyStadtprozelten 3D Archery Course
The Gössl family created the Stadtprozelten 3D Archery Course and combines the experience of the “Henneburg” with 3D archery.
Peter Ament
Peter AmentWolfsschlucht 3D Archery Course
He is the man without whom the “Wolfsschlucht” would not exist.
Jürgen Freudenberger
Jürgen FreudenbergerBärleinsparcours 3D Archery Course
He is the operator of the Bärleinparcours 3D Archery Course and also the Archery Facility Helmstadt.
Martin Selonke
Martin SelonkeKummersklinge 3D Archery Course
Chariman and driving force behind the Kummersklinge 3D Archery Course.
Jochem Vogt
Jochem VogtOX-BoW
Jochem is the founder and owner of OX-BoW.
Logo of 3d archery region 3D-Bogenregion transparent


Seven archery courses within 50-60 km.