Stadtprozelten 3D Archery Course

The Stadtprozelten archery course is the newest course in our region and is located north of the very well-preserved castle ruins of the “Henneburg” in the Lower Franconian town of Stadtprozelten.

The course leads from the parking lot at the Henneburg through beech forest, over extensive meadows and forest clearings, and in the last part through a rustic hazel forest. It has 32 stations (30 regular stations and two special stations) with one to five 3D targets per station and a total of around 100 3D animals. The course also has a moving target.

The shooting distances at the stations can be described as moderate to sporty. Overall, the course covers all distance ranges with targetdistances of 10-50 meters and thus offers the best conditions for both beginners and advanced archers.

Before starting the course, you can first shoot yourself in and warm up on the wonderful shooting range in the historic moat of the Henneburg castle.

The path through the course, designed as a figure eight, is approx. 4.3 km long. The walkways are paved with wood and – where necessary – steps and are very easy for everyone to walk on. Because the course largely runs on the ridge north and east of the Henneburg, there are only moderate inclines to overcome. Sturdy shoes are definitely recommended.

Registration and Course Use

Registration for the course takes place at a small registration hut, which is located at the official entrance gate of the castle – the so-called donkey gate – in the east of the castle. Registration forms are available there, which after filling out must be thrown into a slot along with the course fee. Registration is based on trust. Each shooter must also write in a shooting book and resign after leaving the course. Once you have registered, you can warm up on the shooting range in the moat and then continue to the beginning of the course.

In order to be able to use the “Henneburg” Stadtprozelten archery course, you must have your own archery equipment or rent it from the operator, for example.

Bow Rental & Courses

The operator of the archery course Stadtprozelten also offers archery rental (complete equipment) and archery courses (beginner courses, advanced courses and children’s courses) as well as accompanied course rounds during the course opening hours by prior arrangement.

The rent per archery equipment and day is 20,- EUR and 7,-EUR per damaged or lost arrow will be charged. For newcomers, an instruction hour in the basics of archery and safety rules (costs: 20,- EUR ) is mandatory.

Further information on the rental and course offerings can be obtained from the operator.

What else can you expect?

Attached to the course there is the “Burgschenke” with beer garden in the inner courtyard of the castle, which is run by the course operator and is open from Friday to Sunday and on every public holiday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

From there you have a wonderful view over the Main valley. Henneburg, built in the 12th century, is one of the most beautiful castle ruins in Germany today.

Prices and Opening Hours

The course is open all year round. The daily opening times are different every month and are based on sunrise and sunset. Details see below.

The fee is a daily fee, i.e. you can do as many course laps as you like during the day. Adults (from 18 years) with compound bows pay 15,- EUR per day, adults with other bows 12,- EUR, children & young people (10 up to and including 17 years) pay 6,- EUR and children under 10 years accompanied by a paying adult pay are free of charge.

Location map, directions and parking

To find the course and the castle as easily as possible, just enter Große Steig, 97909 Stadtprozelten into your GPS.

There are around 10-15 parking spaces right next to the castle. In addition, the parking lot at the ferry on the Main can also be used and from there the approximately five-minute walk to the castle can be taken.

Stadtprozelten 3D Archery Course

32 Stations

100 3D Targets

2.5-5 Hours


Ticket Prices
Adults (from 18 years) 12,00 EUR
Adults with compound bows (from 18 years) 15,00 EUR
Youths (10-17 years) 6,00 EUR
Children (younger than 10 years)
accompanied by a paying adult

It is a daily fee, which means you can run as many course rounds as you like.

Registration and payment take place on site at the registration box.

Payment of the course fee is only possible in cash. The fee is to be brought along appropriately.

The opening times are based on the sunrise and sunset on a monthly basis.

Month Opening hours
January 9:00 – 16:00
February 8:30 – 16:30
March 8:00 – 17:30
April 8:00 – 19:00
May 8:00 – 20:00
June 8:00 – 20:00
July 8:00 – 20:00
August 8:00 – 19:30
September 8:00 – 18:30
October 8:00 – 17:30
November 8:00 – 16:00
December 8:00 – 16:00

Please inform yourself before your visit for safety again on the website of the operator, if the course is really open at the desired time.

The parking lot of the archery course Stadtprozelten is located directly at the Henneburg in Stadtprozelten. There is parking space for around 10-15 vehicles. The parking lot at the ferry on the Main can also be used.

Address for navigation devices:
Große Steig, 97909 Stadtprozelten

49°47’17,1″ N 9°24’46,4″ E or 49.788083 N, 9.412897 E

The operator offers bow rental on site by prior appointment. The issuance and return takes place at the registration station.

The price per bow rental equipment and day is 20,- EUR. The course fee is not included in this price! For newcomers, a prior instruction hour in the basics of archery and behavior/safety rules on the course and shooting range is mandatory. The hourly price is also 20,- EUR.

In the event of an arrow loss or damage to the rented arrows, 7,- EUR per arrow will be charged. When picking up the ID card and a deposit of 100 EUR must be paid in cash.

In addition, there are also some archery shops in our region that rent archery equipment by the day or for a longer period of time by prior arrangement.

For more information please visit the page »Bow Rental«.

The operator of the course offers various archery courses. The offer includes beginner courses, advanced courses and special courses for children. A guided course round is also possible.

Further information on the range of courses on the Stadtprozelten archery course can be obtained directly from the operator by telephone.

There are also several other archery course providers in our region where you can take an archery course.

You can find more information on the page »Archery courses in the region«.

The course has 32 stations with around 100 3D animals.

It takes around 2.5 to 5 hours to complete the approximately 4.3 km long round of the course.

Since the course is laid out as a horizontal figure eight, after the first quarter of the course (after station 8) you can shorten to the last quarter (starting with station 20) and only shoot half a round.

The course runs through varied terrain, mainly in a high beech forest, but also leads over meadows and clearings as well as through a rustic hazel forest.

The route is designed so that the highest point is reached approximately in the middle of the course. The gradients are moderate, but average fitness is an advantage. The paths are partly paved and walking on them is made easier by steps and logs. Sturdy shoes are generally recommended.

Elevation information

Course start/end 187 m ASL
highest point 1st half of the course 309 m ASL
Center of the course
(Station 15 of 30)
309 m ASL
Crossing point of the course
(after station 8 or 19, here also the possibility of returning to the start)
281 m ASL
highest point 2nd half of the course 305 m ASL
On the course no broadheads are allowed.

Compound bows are allowed up to 60 lb. maximum draw weight and there are no arrow speed limit.

Dogsmay be brought onto the course if they are kept on a leash.

Attached to the course there is the “Burgschenke” with beer garden in the inner courtyard of the castle, which is run by the course operator and is open from Friday to Sunday and on every public holiday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

There is a small toilet block directly at the parking lot of the course at the castle.

Bogenparcours Stadtprozelten Henneburg
Inh. Susanne Gössl
Kleine Steig 34
97909 Stadtprozelten

+49 171 2807438




Accommodations & Overnights

In case of a long journey or if you want to spend a bow holiday in our region, do you need an accommodation? You will find a selection of accommodation and overnight accommodations near the Stadtprozelten archery course listed below.

Pension Haus Erika in Stadtprozelten

Guesthouse Erika

Location: ​97909 Stadtprozelten

Archery Courses nearby:
Stadtprozelten (1.6 km)
Collenberg (7.3 km)

Phone: +49 9392 6363

Landgasthof Waldeck

Country Inn Waldeck

Location: 97909 Stadtprozelten

Archery Courses nearby:
Stadtprozelten (5.0 km)
Collenberg (10.2 km)

Phone: +49 9392 8821


Apartment Burgpanorama Wertheim

Location: ​97877 Wertheim

Archery Courses nearby:
Wolfsschlucht (14.4 km)
Stadtprozelten (15.2 km)

Phone: +49 163 7760191

**Wir empfehlen**

Wald Hotel Heppe

Ort: 63874 Dammbach

Bogenparcours in der Nähe:
Bogenparcours Eschau (12,2 km)
Bogenparcours Stadtprozelten (15,8 km)

Tel: 06092/9410

Apartment Dürr in Dorfprozelten

Apartment Dürr

Location: ​97904 ​Dorfprozelten

Archery Courses nearby:
Stadtprozelten (3.4 km)
Collenberg (4.2 km)

Phone: +49 9392 9347852
​Mobile: +49 171 7841202

Zur goldenen Krone

Inn Zur goldenen Krone

Location: ​97904 Dorfprozelten

Archery Courses nearby:
Stadtprozelten (3.5 km)
Collenberg (4.0 km)

Phone: +49 9392 7528

Inn Goldener Stern in Dorfprozelten

Inn Goldener Stern

Location: ​97904 ​Dorfprozelten

Archery Courses nearby:
Stadtprozelten (3.4 km)
Collenberg (4.2 km)

​Phone: +49 9392 7295

Pension Stern Rauenberg

Pension Stern

Location: ​97896 Freudenberg (Rauenberg)

Archery Courses nearby:
Stadtprozelten (7.1 km)
Kummersklinge (19.3 km)

​Phone:+49 9377 929539


Campsite Maintal Resort

Location: ​97903 Collenberg

Archery Courses nearby:
Collenberg (0.9 km)
Stadtprozelten (6.6 km)

Phone: +49 9376 1270

Camper Site

​Camper Site ​Dorfprozelten

Schulstraße, ​97904 Dorfprozelten​

Archery Courses nearby:
Stadtprozelten (3.5 km)
Collenberg (4.5 km)

​​​​​​Muncipal Administration of ​Dorfprozelten
Phone: +49 9392 97620

Camper Site

Camper Site ​Collenberg

Mainstraße 8, 97903 Collenberg

Archery Courses nearby:
Collenberg (1.9 km)
Stadtprozelten (8.3 km)

​​​Muncipal Administration of Collenberg
Phone: +49 9376 97100

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